PSYCH-K Workshop

PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop

with Bernice and Jonas (Yonie) Werzberger

What You Will Learn in the PSYCH-K™ Basic Workshop

• How PSYCH-K® originated
• The impact of beliefs on your life
• The role of the different parts of the brain in changing beliefs
• Communicating with the superconscious to receive guidance
• Communicating with the subconscious to facilitate change
• A unique form of muscle testing
• Several Balances that rapidly change beliefs, often in minutes
• How to quickly dissolve subconscious resistance to change
• A method for leading a change process silently for complete privacy
• How to do a Balance alone, if necessary
• How to use a Balance to reduce stress or release painful memories
• How to clarify conscious goals to the subconscious mind
• 175 Belief Statements covering all areas of life
• How to create your own Belief Statements
• How to use PSYCH-K® in your daily life, and more

PSYCH-K® Workshops focus on key areas of life such as prosperity, health, personal power, relationships, grief, self-image and spirituality.

You will receive the information, materials and experiential knowledge that will enable you to apply this cutting-edge tool immediately.

Bruce Lipton, World renowned, cutting-edge cellular biologist, recommends PSYCH-K® as an exceptionally effective tool for belief change, describing it as "simple, empowering techniques to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level."

What You Will Receive

• A complete packet containing materials that explain how PSYCH-K® works as well as clear, simple directions on individual sheets for each change process taught in the workshop.
• 175 Belief Statements covering primary beliefs in the areas of prosperity, health, personal power, relationships, grief, self-image and spirituality.
• Lots of hands on practice for each change process

Here is the link to the online video about PSYCH-K, "The Psychology of Change".

Here is the link to the training couple from Atlanta that will be doing the workshop: Beacon Associates

For over thirty years, Bernice & Jonas (Yonie) Werzberger, M.Ed. have specialized in the presentation of the best cutting-edge tools available in the areas of communication, stress reduction, wellness, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, accelerated learning and belief change. They are Certified by pioneers like Dr. Brian Weiss in Regression Hypnotherapy and by Robert Williams, M.A., the originator of PSYCH-K® and PER-K®. Additionally, they are Certified Hypnotherapists and Medical Hypnotherapists and have been trained by leaders in their fields such as Dr. Carl & Stephanie Simonton and Dr. Barry Seedman. The Werzberger’s are part of a small group of only 47 people in the world who have been hand-picked and trained to be Instructors of PSYCH-K® as well as being two of only 21 Advanced Instructors.